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our values


Our values LEARN, LOVE and GROW underpin everything we do and it's what we're all about.

We all have a fundamental need for love and for success. Building successful relationships and leading a fulfilling life takes a high level of emotional and executive functioning skills. These skills can be learned and developed by anyone - there’s always room for improvement - only you can decide how high you set the bar!

Our mission

Our mission is to optimise health, happiness and human performance by providing high quality personal support with a human touch.

You don’t have to be an elite athlete or top executive to get the perk of a personal coach in your corner.

OUR Approach 

Our approach is always compassionate, collaborative, solutions-focused and flexible.

Having a coach you can trust, relate to and work easily with is THE biggest predictor of success! We are social beings who thrive on quality connections with others. The information revolution we live in has its place, but you can't beat sharing the experience with people who live and breathe it. Growth is always a team effort!

WHat sets us APART

super skills

Our coaches are trained to meet International Coach Federation standards and ethics. They are also trained to use a unique framework to understand the complexities of the human mind, which they can share with you. This model has been used by Olympic ahtletes, business brains, medical minds, top teachers and their teams.

Goal Orientated

People come to coaching because they want things to be different. Your coach works with you to set clear goals, and guides you to finding solutions and creating action. Shoot for the stars!

Tailored to You

People are unique. Mind Set Match™ coaches use a broad range of approaches, styles, tools and techniques to work in a way that best meets your needs. We empower you towards your goals, without leaving you frustrated or fumbling in the dark.

Flexibile options

We can work on a one-to-one basis, or in groups or teams, either in person or through videocalls or phonecalls. We can work in various places; like your workplace, a comfortable space or walk-and-talk in nature.

Coached Coaches

We believe in the power and process of coaching. Coaches receive regular coaching and supervision so that we are in the best possible place to help others.


We all need accountability and help tracking our progress. You decide what you can commit to between sessions and the level of support you need to keep you on track. You call the shots and if it’s not working, with your permission, we’ll hold up the mirror.

Supportive Environment

As you grow, we grow and so does our community. You can call on the support of other like-minded people, including our specialist coaches, from within our closed Facebook groups. Help and inspiration is just a click away.

Safe & Secure

You can be confident that your coach will conduct themselves ethically, inline with ICF standards. Sessions are confidential unless you’ve given explicit permission or instruction for us to share something on your behalf, or it’s clear there’s a risk of harm to yourself or others. Any notes made or personal information is stored securely inline with GDPR.

Affordable Investment

You don’t need a PhD in Psychology to understand people and to get the best out of yourself and others… You can get one. But it takes years and runs into the thousands! We stay up to date with what's relevant and share with you the shortcuts to success. You are your biggest asset and we help you to invest wisely!