How are you doing right now?


In our incredibly busy day to day lives, we can become so consumed by trying to stay on top of everything, that often we forget to create the time and space to take care of our most valuable resource... ourselves!


The MIND SET M.O.T. is an opportunity to hit the pause button and take stock of how you are currently doing in your life - emotionally, psychologically, within your relationships, at work, in love, as well as your health and happiness. Talking it through with a psychological skills coach gives you a clear picture of how well you think you are functioning and how your quality of life is right now.  You are supported by your coach to make plans to improve aspects of your life.  You will receive a detailed e-report with clear recommendations, which are always helpful to refer back to, to keep you on track!

It helped me to recognise where I was at and where I would like to be, and I was supported on how to get there. I learnt what I needed and wanted out of life, what my purpose, my goals and dreams were. Having action plans gave me something to focus on and helped to keep me motivated and on track, especially on those days when things felt too much.
— Shelle


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+ What is a MIND SET M.O.T.?

  • It is a tool to help you to gain insight into how you believe you are functioning. Via video call, your coach will take you through around 40 questions, encouraging and challenging you as you go. The session usually takes around 2 hours.
  • A week later you will receive your personalised e-report. This will outline what your scores mean, the areas that need improvement and some practical plans for how you could go about working on them.
  • Follow on 1:1 coaching sessions can be booked at a later date, with a 10% discount.

+ Who is the MIND SET M.O.T. for?

Anyone wanting to know how well they are doing in terms of their psychological wellbeing, and wanting some guidance on how to improve.

+ What does it involve?

  • Firstly BOOK a MIND SET M.O.T. for yourself or GIFT it to someone you care about. We can then arrange a suitable time and date for the session (please note: once confirmed, booking amendments cannot be made less that 48hours before the session, except in extenuating circumstances).
  • Plan plenty of time either side of the MIND SET M.O.T. as it can be quite tiring.
  • Make sure you get everything set at least 15mins in advance of the session. Feel free to have a pen and paper ready to take notes (please note: electronic recording of the session is not permitted).
  • Relax! Your coach will introduce themselves, explain the structure of the session, answer any questions and guide you through it.
  • You will identify up to three areas you would like to work on and improve.
  • You will receive a fully personalised e-report of your results and action plans on how to develop the areas you have selected.

+ what's the INVESTMENT?