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Hello and welcome to Mind Set Match™

I’m Sabrina Francis; founder, coach, teacher, trainer, speaker, leader and human being. I’m inspired most of all by people; their stories, and helping them to find their fulfilment and flow.

We all have a story, and just like any story, it has a beginning, a middle, and an end. We may not get to choose our beginning or ending, yet the middle bit presents us with many options and opportunities! How do YOU want to write your next chapter?

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In all of my twenty five years of teaching, including advisory work, and fifteen years of headship, the work that Sabrina did in one academic year with our staff on values driving performance and developing a cohesive team was some of the most impactful that I have had the privilege to have been a part of. Her understanding of people is second to none and her emotional intelligence ensured that she connected with every one of our teaching and non-teaching staff. Sabrina has an excellent knowledge of schools and leadership, as well as how high performing teams operate. Her attention to detail is forensic. Without doubt Sabrina Francis is a unique individual who has a talent and skill for moving people forward.
— P. Fisher, Headteacher Oakridge School, Staffs
Sabrina, Thank you for everything you have done for me. Having someone to talk to, who listens, and not be judged has really helped me... You have helped me to see things from different views, and helped me to realise that I need to deal with things... You really are an amazing person and I will be forever grateful for the time you have given me.
— *Jem, 1:1 personal coachee
I really enjoyed our first session and feel that it has been incredibly beneficial even after just one meet. You are very easy to open up to and thank you again for making me feel comfortable talking about something so personal.
— *Pete, 1:1 personal coaching
Learning about how my brain works and how to use it to my advantage is probably the most important thing I’ve ever learnt.
— *Adam, Y11 Student, Huddersfield
  How People Describe Us
Sabrina is an engaging presenter, her style of delivery is varied, pacy and slick. She delivers an entertaining presentation, her content is thought provoking and simply life changing!
— Anon., ’Kicking Off!’ – Behaviour Management Conference
I felt for the first time that somebody really listened and understood me, and didn’t judge me or tell me what to do.
— *Louise, 1:1 personal coachee
Sabrina is approachable, knowledgeable and skilled. She helped us to look at ourselves and consider the best way to react in different situations. The sessions were enjoyable, engaging, well presented, with lots of group interaction and a good use of real life examples
— K.H., Action for Children, Watford
Thank you very much for changing everything for the better. Thanks to you I am looking forward to the future, instead of being scared of it, thank you always…
— *Amy, Y11 Student, Huddersfield

*Names have been changed as the work carried out is in confidence


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