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my story…

For most of my life I felt I was living a double life. Thankfully I’m no longer in that place. Underneath my calm and self-assured exterior, lived constant self-doubt and anxiety. I found relationships and communication a challenge, it found it hard to trust people and was always kept my guard up. Whenever I found myself out of my depth I couldn’t ask for help, and so I often didn’t get it. Looking back through my life, I realise I’d learned to expect rejection, blame, criticism, and to be let down by people around me. To cope I became fiercely independent, and avoided getting close to anyone.

I grew up in chaotic and unsettled household. When I was at school I kept people at arms length, and I checked out as often as I could. Often going for walks in lessons, not turning up at all, or sneaking out the back door. All I really wanted was a little bit of help; someone to notice, to care and to listen. No one seemed to notice. When I did stay in class, I was forever daydreaming, I was bored and uninspired, and couldn’t wait to get out of there. The path I was on nearly cost me my GCSE’s, until I realised my only knight in shining armour was me. I managed to turn it around, just in time.

When I had the choice to choose what I wanted to study, I chose to study people! At 16 going on 25, I was inspired to take up a course that included studying the body, the mind, all that keeps us healthy and fit, how to support and lead others, and how to help humans to perform at their optimum. I was so excited to build the knowledge and skills that I believed would help me and the people around me, to be happy, healthy, confident and successful human beings… It was perhaps a bit of an oversight that it was in fact a sports science course and, although I liked to be active, I wasn’t particularly sporty!! 

I loved it! I made some great friends. I soaked up the knowledge like a sponge, I excelled, I grew - despite often feeling like a complete imposter! I continued along this path, to finish my Sport and Exercise Science degree at Loughborough University and trained to be PE teacher. And it was there that I met my now husband!

I spent ten great years teaching and seven leading my team; passionately passing on the same valuable knowledge and skills to the 14-19 year olds in my care. Despite hating school in my youth, I was determined to be the supportive teacher that I’d wanted for myself, when I was their age.

I loved my work, all that I’d learnt, and the people I worked with. And following many changes, I found myself again feeling disillusioned by the education system. It was time for a change. I qualified as a Personal Trainer, yet I was unexpectedly selected to work alongside an incredible team of people, under the guidance of a top Consultant Psychiatrist, Professor Steve Peters. This was a huge honour for me as his Mind Management Model had had an immense impact on me personally and professionally, as well as others in elite sport, business, education and health.

For two years I was illuminated and able to share the inner workings of the human mind and the psychological skills that we can all develop to reach our highest potential in life, in work and in sport. To expand my skills and knowledge I studied Psychology, as well as a Post Graduate Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching. As someone who loves to learn and progress, it has been enjoyable and challenging to balance my work, my relationships, my studies and start my own business. It takes time and perseverance, yet everything is falling into place.

As the founder of Mind Set Match, I’m privileged to be able to help people to lead a life they love, both in their work and in their free time.

In my free time you’ll find me spending quality time with my husband, our two cats, close friends and family, eating great food, as well as taking time for yoga, meditation, to exercise, ski, scuba dive and to read (obviously not all at the same time!)!

Learning, loving and growing always ♥

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